As we step into January, the air is filled with the buzz of new beginnings and resolutions. But let’s be honest, how many times have we heard about the typical resolutions like hitting the gym more often or eating healthier? It’s time to break away from the clichés and explore some unconventional resolutions that can make this January truly transformative. Don’t you think?

The “Random Act of Kindness” Resolution:

Instead of setting traditional goals, why not commit to performing one random act of kindness every day in January? It could be as simple as buying a coffee for a stranger or leaving an inspiring note for a colleague. Giving a true and meaningful compliment to someone/ a stranger, opening the door to someone, a genuine smile… Small acts of kindness can have a ripple effect and create a positive atmosphere around you.

random act of kindness

The “Learn Something New” Resolution:

While learning a new language or instrument might sound common, how about learning something truly unique this January? It could be mastering the art of origami, becoming a whiz at solving Rubik’s cubes, learning to juggle with 3 balls, or even perfecting a magic trick. The joy of acquiring a new, unusual skill can be incredibly fulfilling.

The “Digital Detox” Resolution:

In this tech-savvy age, how about making January the month of a digital detox? Challenge yourself to limit screen time, including social media, and reconnect with the real world. Use this time to explore your city, engage in hobbies, or simply spend quality time with loved ones.

mini adventure resolution

The “Mini Adventure” Resolution:

Instead of planning grand vacations, why not embark on a series of mini adventures throughout January? Explore hidden gems in your own city, go on spontaneous road trips, or even try extreme sports like indoor skydiving or rock climbing. These small adventures can inject excitement into your routine.

The “Connect and Be Present” Resolution:

Why not start or reinforce some good habits for emotional & spiritual health? Meditation, grounding, singing, dancing, journaling, sound healing, reiki, breathwork… familiar with any of these? Dig in, you’ll be surprised what a little habit like this can make such a difference in your overall wellbeing and mindset/mental state. If you have never tried any of these, maybe it is the time to be different, think outside the box and try something new to celebrate 2024.

Think about it – If you do as you have always done, you get what you have always got – it’s time to shake things a little bit and take calculated risks.


January doesn’t have to be about the same old resolutions. Embrace the unconventional and make this month truly unique. Whether it’s spreading kindness, learning something unusual, unplugging from the digital world, or seeking mini adventures, there are countless ways to make January a month of exciting new beginnings. It’s time to break away from the norm and set resolutions that truly resonate with your spirit. And remember, baby goal, 1 baby step at the time so your brain gets consistent with this new pattern, then you can add or increase as you wish. You got this!

So bring on 2024 – Let’s make it the year of Difference!

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