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Relationship, Couple, Marriage Counselling – How does this work?

Before you book your Discovery Call, we want you to understand how our unique approach and steps are very different from other counsellors.

Our initial session is designed to help us all to get to know each other and where we start to explore the underlying causes of any challenges you may be facing in your relationship.

This session is much more than your typical counselling appointment – it’s a workshop-style session that allows us to dive deep into your relationship and find lasting solutions.

While a typical couple’s counselling session lasts only an hour, our discovery session offers up to 6 hours for couples and 2-3 hours for families. This extended time frame allows us to break old habits, form new beginnings, and work towards positive change without feeling rushed or limited in our time.

By taking this approach, we can make significant progress in just one session, rather than starting from scratch every week. I understand that healing and growth take time, and that’s why we offer this extended session to ensure that we have the time we need to work together towards lasting change.

Please watch the video above so you can learn more about working together – Prior to booking your Discovery Call.

Then, If you’re ready to invest in your relationship and take the first step towards a happier, healthier future, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call session today.

We are about breaking the old cycles and replacing with healthy habits and communication methods.

Your program covers an introduction session with a minimum of 3 follow up sessions (one month later, then three months and six months after that) We work together and follow through.

After the first follow-up session, we evaluate where you both are on your reconnecting journey and adjust the plan according to your needs.


Every couple is different, and I tailor the program to your needs.

Claire Marriott

The first session can be between 5 to 6 hours, and it is designed for you to enjoy a safe space free of judgment, blame and shame – a place where you can freely share your thoughts, feelings and needs. In that time we will get to know one another, connect, open up, and build a strong relationship. We look into what is impacting your relationship today. Then importantly , I will be able to share with you the tools and strategies, that will benefit and help you make a difference. It is not just with me but when you return home, you can practice them daily.

During this first relationship discovery session with you and your partner, we will get to the core of what is going on in your relationship. What you feel, and what needs are not currently being met, and then empower you with tools and strategies to change that.

The initial session gives us time to identify the current patterns in the relationship and allows me to build the framework to provide you with the necessary tools and strategies to take away and work with.

Follow-up sessions are 2 to 3 hours. We consolidate everything to ensure that you are using the framework to deliver the outcomes you both are looking for. We constantly refine and provide additional knowledge and strategies to improve communication and any other areas of your relationship

It takes time to master new skills and sometimes longer when you have to unlearn old ones.

This project – which is your fundamental relationship with your life partner, is worth the time and effort to invest in something so special between you. Sometimes it is not easily achieved but the reward is of the greatest you could hope for.

Our follow-up sessions are essential to keep on track and provide accountability to ensure that the work is completed and new constructive habits are formed.

Perth Family Counselling with Claire

We have had excellent results with many clients when they committed to and followed our strategies and methods.

Note that you also have coaching between sessions as we review your tasks to ensure everything is on track. This is often not included with other counsellors.

If there is love and a commitment to change (evolve), and a commitment to work (practice the tools), then you can achieve anything with your special relationship.

If this resonates with you, please hit the discovery call button and follow the process to book your FREE Discovery Call.

I look forward to seeing how I can support you on your life’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens In A Session?

Aside from the many proven tools, techniques and approaches available to help you, three key roles are often used in sessions:

Counselling Role:

People often need their experiences, feelings, and authentic story to be heard and totally accepted without any judgement, criticism or evaluation. What happened or is happening to them is 100% real in their world and the impact it is having on their life. In the Relationship Counselling or Marriage Counselling role, you can safely share what is going on for you. 

Coaching Role:

When coaching, many questions will be asked to help the person search for their own answers and insights. Often you will have the answers and may know what to do but there is something in the way that is either blocking or sabotaging your actions. So with Relationship Coaching or Marriage Coaching, the focus is on helping you get clear on what you want and to identify the resources you already have inside.

Consultant Role:

There are two key reasons that people are often not able to resolve relationship issues.

  1. Limited Options: You may have limited options to choose from when facing a relationship or marriage issue. Like only having a menu of three choices at a restaurant. So when you are faced with a relationship problem you will choose the best option available to you. Often these are the limited options you have used in the past. The same is true for the other person, they have a set of limited options that they are probably familiar with and continually use.
  2. Lack Of Independent Support: You may not have independent support to help develop new strategies and help keep you on track as you start to try out new ways. It takes time to develop new habits and ways of thinking. You may have experienced giving up and reverting back to an old familiar pattern or strategy.

As a Consultant, this role is to offer new customised strategies to help you with your relationship. This will give you more choices and awareness in handling relationship situations. These strategies will always be working toward getting your needs met as well as helping others get their needs met.

What Can I Do If My Partner Does Not Want To Come To Counselling?

When one person in a relationship changes, the dynamics in the relationship must change. So if you are looking to change your marriage or relationship, by you changing things around you will change also. The big challenge here is that your marriage or relationship will unconsciously want things to remain the same as this is what people around you are familiar with. This is where working with someone is critical to support you as you create and develop your new habits to become the more authentic you. The best thing you can do is start today with support.

How long is the waiting list for?

This can change from time to time. Usually around 4 weeks, however we do have cancellations and can put you on the list. Also, while you are waiting, Claire will give you some pre-tasks to get you started.

Can I claim our sessions through Medicare or Private Health Cover?

Claire's approach is different from your standard Counsellor and for this reason she is now independent from Medicare and private health funds. This being said, the legislation can change these days and we invite you to check this directly with your health insurance and see with them what can be done or claim under mental health, without a provider number. 

Thank you.

All we need to know about bookings and cancellations Fee?

(a) Once the Client has made a booking for a specific time and date, Claire at Perth Family Counselling will not accept any other work from other clients for those times and dates.

(b) As we have a waiting list, Please Note: You won't be charged if you cancel or reschedule your first session minimum THREE weeks in advance. For subsequent sessions, please give at least 14 days' notice to avoid a late cancellation fee.

(c)  Either party may reschedule Claire's Counselling services. Both parties agree to make every effort to reschedule any postponements such that the session will be able to go ahead within 30 days of either party rescheduling.

We appreciate your understanding.

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