The need to surrender to the process and to trust your unlimited capabilities.

Is Hypnosis Legal?

In the 1950s, the American Medical Association made Hypnosis legal if applied by an appropriately trained practitioner. Later in the 1950s, the British and Australian Medical Association followed.

What is Hypnosis?

Most people believe that Hypnosis isn’t real or are afraid of the concept. They have seen movies, or poor stage shows, or have seen dodgy YouTube videos making it appear that in Hypnosis one person has power over another person. This simply isn’t the case.

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone experiences multiple time a day. You will know this if you have ever tried talking to someone who is watching TV. 

They appear to be in a zoned-out state. This is what hypnosis looks like. This is a natural phenomenon that everyone experiences many times a day.

The legal definition of Hypnosis: Hypnosis is the bypass of the Critical Faculty of the brain. The accepting of selective thinking, thoughts, concepts and ideas that are ok with you and by your values. Altering a person’s beliefs or reality through suggestion to create positive outcomes.

What is the Critical Faculty?

The Critical Faculty is the part of the mind that cares to distinguish between reality & fantasy. The Critical Faculty is dissolved when someone is in trance/hypnosis.

Meaning the ability for the mind to know what is real or not isn’t on and so during Hypnosis, the mind is open to take in any suggestions that are aligned with your own values.

Hypnosis is NOT:                                                                                Hypnosis IS:

 -Sleep                                                                                                  -An awake state  

 -A state of unconsciousness                                                           -A state of relaxation

– Being weak-minded                                                                        -Imaginative 

 -Being controlled by someone else                                                -Exercise for your mind

-A loss of self-control                                                                        -The ultimate display of control  

– Being gullible                                                                                   -Rapport with your unconscious Mind                                                                                                                                                                                  

The anatomy of the mind:

All learnings, behaviours and changes are unconscious.

Hypnosis distinguishes 3 parts of the mind: the Conscious Mind, the Unconscious Mind (in Hypnosis unconscious and subconscious mind are the same) and the Critical Faculty.

The Conscious Mind & The Unconscious Mind 

Your Unconscious Mind (Subconscious Mind) is the part of your mind that is out of your awareness. It’s not that it is unconscious, it’s just that you are not conscious of it.

It’s the part of you that you are not aware of at the moment, but it is critical in making sure everything that ensures survival gets done, such as beating your heart, breathing you and pumping your blood, among other vital tasks. It’s also where memories, emotions and programs of behaviour are held.

The Conscious Mind is analytical, sequential, logical, limited in focus, direct outcomes, cognitive, deliberate, waking, controls thinking…

The Unconscious Mind is unlimited, expansive, about feeling, intuitive, find solutions, active while sleeping & dreaming, imaginative…

The prime directives of the Unconscious Mind:

– Stores memories

– Is the domain of the emotions

 Enjoys serving the Conscious Mind (needs clear order, instructions to follow)

– Runs the body

– Preserves the body

– Does not process negatives

The understanding of brain waves:

– Beta: High wave =Awake state 

– Alpha: Light trance 

– Theta: Trance (Hypnosis) 

– Delta: Deep sleep  

The Importance of Mindset & Attitude

Be + Do + Have

Often people think about what they want to have, how they can get it so they can be happy. However, this way is most of the times, ineffective; indeed, all is about your attitude, your mindset, who you think you are. Focus on you first, who am I? Am I happy? What am I thinking right now? Is that helpful or healthy? Do I want to run on that thought or reprogrammed it?


Yes, first work on being happy then do whatever is needed to get what you want, and you will have it.

Work on your THINKING so you can create nice FEELINGS and be ready to take ACTIONS. Only then comes the RESULTS wanted.


PRACTICE: Letting go of things that are out of your control. It is all about, acknowledging your feeling or thought, accepting it then letting it go by empowering yourself with another feeling or thought, a healthy one that makes you feel good. By doing so we are changing our perception to the event, situation or external stimulus by which we have been triggered. 

BE IN ALIGNMENT:  Practice Forgiveness, Gratefulness & Meditation + Do regular exercise, eat healthy (“We are what we eat”) & get rid of toxins (from water, food or products).


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