In 2023, life’s moving faster than ever, isn’t it? With all the tech upgrades and the never-ending list of stuff we have to do, it’s easy to feel like we’re losing touch with ourselves and others. Stress plus staying in the moment? Well, they sometimes take a back seat to the daily grind. It’s like we’re always in turbo mode, right?

And that turbo life can mess with our connections. It’s like putting a strain on your Wi-Fi when you’ve got too many devices connected. Our relationships are no different. We’ve got work, partners, kids, social life, shopping, cooking, helping out – it’s like we’re on autopilot 24/7 to get things done!

Yes, I’ve been there too. Doing things out of habit, just like a robot. (like driving down the road and you don’t even know how you got there – when you arrived)

See, most times, I am not even aware of what’s going on. My subconscious is the boss, running the show. So, every now and then, you have to check in with that sneaky subconscious and clear out the old baggage (but that’s a whole other story). Otherwise, those past feelings and memories, good or bad, keep calling the shots in your life.

You won’t believe this, but your subconscious mind does a ton of the heavy lifting, like 90% to 95% of it! The conscious part? It’s like the bouncer at a club, only letting in what it thinks is cool.

Now, here’s the kicker. Most of the time, we’re just accessing that 5% to 10% conscious part. Imagine all the other stuff our brains are missing out on while we’re grinding away.

The conscious part, that’s the thinker, the logic machine. It’s like the security guard of your mind. If someone tries to shove their beliefs in there that don’t match yours, it’s like, “I don’t think so!”

But the subconscious? It’s like a supercomputer with endless storage. It remembers EVERYTHING. It’s where the inner feels (and emotions hang out. And guess what? It never sleeps, even when you are in dreamland.

So, now that you know we’re often running on autopilot, let’s talk about how we can hit pause and reconnect with ourselves and others. (and not just on holidays)

So, what’s this thing called GROUNDING? It’s like a self-soothing superpower for when life’s throwing a tantrum. When stress and crazy feelings take over, grounding’s the hero that brings you back to reality.

Grounding’s got loads of tricks up its sleeve. You just have to find the one that suits you and your crazy schedule. It’s not about the quantity of time; it’s all about the quality of the moment.


Maybe it’s a quick 5 or 10-minute meditation. Or just chilling in nature, taking in the fresh air and thinking about nothing. Heck, maybe it’s getting your toes on some grass or sand for a feel-good moment.

Water fan? A dip in the ocean can do wonders for a quick reset. And if you’re into it, a fancy bath or shower with some oils or salts can be your thing. It’s all about the intention. Are you ready to go inward, draw breath, be still, and embrace that empty space?

Grounding is like finding your secret strategy or your personal ritual that hits the reset button on your mind. It’s your way of stopping, breathing, and letting go of all the chaos. No worries about to-do lists or being somewhere else. It’s all about pausing and rewiring your reality, being present, and levelling up your awareness.

And guess what? Your heart’s in on the action also. It needs some love too, and grounding fills that bucket.

So, what’s in it for you? Well, grounding amps up your connection within yourself. You’ll find inner peace, and when life throws curveballs, you’ll handle them so much better.

In my world, I can’t do without grounding. I start and end my day with a meditation session. And during the daily hustle, I take mini-breaks, just a few minutes to regroup and let go of whatever’s not doing me any good.

Sometimes it’s a bad thought or a strange feeling, perhaps even brought on by others. I just breathe, visualise some calming lights, and then, I’m back to reality and my awesome self.

reset your mind

Other times, it’s all about the deep breaths, tuning into how my body feels, giving a nod to my emotions, and throwing in some positive vibes.

No hard and fast rules with grounding. It’s what works for you. Your relationship with it, your ritual to be more present and let go of the toxic stress.

If you don’t have a technique yet, maybe look at my 10-minute meditation that can help you ease through the day. Or find a happy spot somewhere in your house or workplace, even looking out of the window on a high rise and focusing on the blue skies. It will take you to another dimension.

Make it a priority – it’s time to give it a go. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

And let me know, what did work for you?


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