Physical, Financial, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Physical is obvious, I found them hot, and I’m attracting to them. 

The second type: Financial wealth, I like what they own, I like what they have, I like what they’ve achieved.

 The third is we are attracted by people mental abilities; when you are attracted to someone’s mind, I like the way they think, I like how they articulate themselves. 

The fourth is, the emotional when I’m attracted to someone’s emotional intelligence; they are very caring, compassionate, supportive. 

And the fifth, spiritual, when you are connected to that person’s values, what they live by, on the very deep level of connection.

The first 3 are equipped to chemistry, and the last 2 are equipped to compatibility.

Often people get involved in a relationship based on the first 3 but here is the issue, you can feel chemistry multiple times per day, with the waiter/waitress, the shop lady, the barista, the bike rider, your PT…  
You can feel it anywhere, find someone attractive is very easy every single day.

The challenge is that we start a relationship based on those first 3 attractions. And there is nothing wrong starting a relationship with those three at a starting point, but it cannot be the endpoint. We are convincing ourselves that the first 3 of chemistry are more powerful of those 2 of compatibility and leading chemistry doing the heavy wood lifting, it’s why people rely on good sex to save a relationship.

However, it is not enough for a healthy relationship. For a long-lasting relationship you need the 2 last types of attraction, emotional and spiritual, don’t let it out, if you didn’t have it at first you could develop it.

Do you want to get to the next level of your relationship?

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