That was a question asked yesterday. It all depends on what you understand and label as “change”.

In my world, this is how I see it. Yes, people do evolve. You are not the same person you were when you were 6, 14 or even 20 years old. You have experienced different people and situations along the way; some challenges and obstacles made you stronger, or on the contrary, struck you, and you lost trust.

“Change ” is actually a choice! A choice that I can make if I want to. And more, if I can see it. Self-awareness is needed to be able to understand that a change is required. Hopefully, people will choose to change for the best. Learning to become a better version of yourself or maybe a better role model for your kids. It all starts within, a little check-in, to realise that you are unhappy with what is happening now and want something different. Then if you decide and commit to this change, yes, anything is indeed possible.

People change in the sense that they can evolve and grow into a different version of themselves. If they surround themselves with love, change can only be a positive experience; however, the outcome could be less fulfilling if the change is fed by fear.

I love to push myself out of my comfort zone to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and embrace my vulnerability. 

What about you?

Did you know that your brain is actually plastic and can be trained and re-trained in any way you want? The brain that changes itself, a book was written by Norman Doidge, explains the endless adaptability of the human brain. In other terms, I can reprogram my brain with new habits and ways of thinking if I pay attention and direct it accordingly. Isn’t it amazing to realise that you don’t have to be stuck in this way, you know that habit or thoughts you may have and dislike? You can actually con circuit it?

The brain is fascinating, and it is time to tell the truth about what your brain is actually capable of. You can change the structure and function of your brain, even into old age.

Psychiatrist and researcher Norman Doidge, travelled around United States to meet the brilliant scientists championing neuroplasticity and the people whose lives they’ve transformed. People with mental limitations or brain damage were previously seen as unalterable and whose conditions had long been dismissed as hopeless.

They saw a woman born with half a brain that rewired itself to work as a whole; a woman labelled retarted who cured her deficits with brain exercises and now cures those of others; blind people who learn to see: learning disorders cured; IQ’s raised; aging brains rejuvenated: stroke patients recovering their faculties; children with cerebral palsy learning to move gracefully: and lifelong character traits changed!

Your thoughts can switch our genes on and off, altering our brain anatomy. As a result, brain exercises can improve cognition and perception, develop muscle strength, or learn to play a musical instrument simply by imagining doing so. 

This neuroplasticity revolution is proof of the grandness of human potential.

Want to make a change? Come discover the hidden power of your mind. Reach out!

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"Our life experiences have a profound impact on our identity, but with the brain's remarkable ability to change and adapt, we can reshape ourselves and become the person we aspire to be."

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